Only Girl.

Whatever it was,

Whatever you wanted it to be,

Whatever I felt.

The warmth, sweetness, sharp pain and a little lust.

All together brought us close,

It was Love darling,

That kind of love where I know I’ll lose you soon but I was so distracted by your eyes.

I couldn’t think of anything else but your voice.

All I needed was your smile to keep me alive.

It was all your magic,

A spell that you casted on me.

Never knew it’ll hurt this much,

But I’m still a believer of your whispers,

Your voice is still my favourite song, that I’d listen forever and on.

But since you left there’s nothing left in me,

All I feel is empty.

I bewail I couldn’t make you mine.

You’re still the only one,

You’re still my only girl.




Release him

Into the sky

Out of the cage

Break those gates

Don’t think twice

Let his wings

Dlaze into emptiness

Shallow blue skies

Set him free

For fuck sake

Let him fly

His own way, far away

Let him get lost

And wander

In the forests

Around the seas

He’ll return

When it’s time

To come by

Until then, please

Let him fly.


The Fallen Poet.

I write poems

on the fallen leaves

of a tree.

I sing song

with a mellow voice

and care free.

I live on a shore

and sold my soul

to the beach.

I love a girl

for her smile and

her bright eyes.

I sit alone

in a nice small city,

in a corner seat at movies.

I’m not a writer,

I’m not a poet,

I’m a fallen boy

with weird dreams.


Once In A Lifetime.

You were my epitome

My definition of heartbreak.

The purest form of love

I used feel my soul sync into yours

Maybe that’s why we were called “soulmates”

But now your eyes speak a different truth.

The truth where I’m not totally yours,

Where I’m partially a ghost.

I miss the warmth of your heart and the sweetness of your lips.

Now all I see is pain,

A struggle to look into your eyes.

Now we are two different souls with same beat.

All I think is,

Once in a lifetime,

You were mine.


Human Heart.

Please don’t close the doors.

The child inside might be scared of the darkness.

He will cry for help until he sees the light again.

Please don’t stop talking.

The girl beside can not bear the silence.

She will scream until she hears another sound.

Please don’t run fast.

The boy behind can’t run faster with those weak feet.

He will fall on the ground yet try to get back.

Please don’t trust anyone.

The man beside won’t believe in anything.

He will say you lied through your teeth about everything.

Please don’t love anyone.

The woman behind was cheated on twice.

She will be strong even after her heart is broken.


First Love.

You will know
When it's your first love
That you keep reminding yourself

You will know
When it's your eyes
That see someone you love leave

You will know
When it's your soul
That die every night

You will know
When it's your mind
To overthink everything

And yeah, You will know
When it's your heart
That breaks every day

-K- ©

Fool For You.

I’ve collected sticks To build a nest for us,

You used them to set fire. 
I’ve gathered stones

To build a castle that keeps us safe,

You’ve built a wall with them between us.
I wrote poems 

For you to hear and smile,

You scraped them out but it’s alright 
I told stories 

Where you were the princess 

But I was never the prince
I’d still paint myself a joker

I’d still build some bridges 

I think I’m still a fool for you.

-K-  ©

The Stranger, The Angel.

As I opened my eyes and looked outside the window
I saw it rain

It was raining colours 

The earth was smiling and I saw dancing flowers

The rainbow is painting her picture on clouds 

The part of the painting with eyes was sun

I saw creatures with wings fall down 

They were angels 

Looking at that scene they're amazed

Then I heard birds start to sing her name 

And the wind humming in the background 

I saw the first drop of rain fall down 

Even the god couldn't resist to cry looking at her face.

Suddenly it was all pink and blue 

Everything was sweet and beautiful 

Such a beautiful sight it was, I could hardly feel my feet

And then I started to think 

I wish I had wings to fly and touch it

That's how I imagine Her

That's how I fell in love with a stranger.

-K- ©


I was a chaos of colors You were a sweet pink shade.

I define war and You love
I wanted to touch you but 

I was scared to spread my chaos 

You yourself touched me 
I started to change, little by little 

Slowly I fell for you and you didn't 

I was green
And then your love started change 

Just like my color

Into black and holo
Now you are red and I'm black 

You define Danger and I pain

-K- ©

Last Time.

The pain that sadness gives is such an addiction. And addictions are like a ode to the pain we feel.

We do certain things that we regret and fail in not repeating them.

Every time he sneaked out of the house midnight he said it is the last time. 

Every time he smoked a cigarette he said it is the last time. 

Every time he walked on the thin concrete wall even though it is dangerous he said it is the last time.

Every time he got drunk to forget her he said it is the last time.

Every time he called her he said it is the last time. 

Every time he texted her he said it is the last time. 

Every time he saw the pictures she sent and cried he said it is the last time. 

Every time he fell for her more he said it is the last time. 

But it's okay to break your rules. It's saving you from this world after all.

-K- ©