Tree House.

A feeling

A home,

An unbroken bond.

A treehouse

A childish kinda love

As sweet as it sounds.

Meet young

Grow old

Just to die together.


The world and each other,

We’re Born to live forever.

She hurts

But he still loves.

After all,

Life is a museum

Love’s an abstract art.

By SanathKrishna.


Let Live.

Let suffer,

Suffocate and sleep.

Let dream,

Believe and succeed.

Let imagine,

Create and recreate.

Let fly,

Fear and forget.

Let breathe,

Speak and feel.

Let lie,

Realise and be real.

Let love,

Break and bounce back.

Let hide,

Cry and retry.

Let see,

Bad and Good.

Let live,

In freedom and in chains.

By SanathKrishna.

Spring Night.

Let me take a closer look,

Withered leaves

They still breathe,

A broken heart

It still beats,

The lonely soul

Still got dreams.

How did you stop?

Your love is still green

Your soul is still clean.

Let the pain go

your heart can still grow.

The last spring night,

It leaves hope

For the leaves to grow back.

Don’t be so afraid,

Let it fade.

By SanathKrishna.

A Year Without A Heart.

Have you ever felt that way,

Meeting someone you love after a long time,

You are nervous,

You’re nervous not because of the things that has changed

But because it is the first time you are actually feeling it touch your soul.

Like your heart beats faster or slower than usual,

Your minds keeps thinking of all the zillion ways the meeting can happen,

You keep trying to make it easy on you but also you’re scared of anything going bad.

Well, I felt that way too,

I lived through out all this time without a heart,

But I never felt a need to get it back just because it is not well taken care of.

Because deep inside I know that a broken home is some how still a Home.

I feel like I’m are going on an adventure with no destiny,

Praying for something I don’t know about,

But I still keep going and keep praying.


Choose Yourself.

It’s okay to be selfish,

As long as you’re fine

and smiling.

It’s okay to be selfish,

As long as your heart is warm,

and your skin has no scars.

After all who you’re trying to impress,

Baby, you’re a princess.

Let your eyes see the light,

You deserve to win all that’s right.

Enjoy the time of your life ,

Leave all your sorrows behind,

Darling you’re one of a kind.

Choose yourself,


As long as you’re happy,

It’s okay to be selfish, Honey.

By SanathKrishna.

Am I?

Walking through dead of the night,

Starring in the dark empty sky,

I’m doing great,

Am I?

Pressing my lips again yours,

Feeling something magical under my feet,

I’m doing great,

Am I?

Running away from you,

Because nothing can satisfy me,

I’m doing great,

Am I?

Kissing cigarettes more,

After you left my heart sore,

I’m doing great,

Am I?

Catching fireflies,

It’s time to burn the love,

I’m doing great,

Am I?



You step outside of house,

Everyday, thinking about her,

about how those big eyes shine

and how you keep falling for her smile every time.

She’s your inspiration to live,

And your thoughts when you write.

How could you let her go,

When all you knew is to hold her tight.

You sit alone in your house,

Every, thinking about her.

About that sweet voice she has,

and how she lays down with her head on your chest.

She’s the reason for those butterflies in your stomach,

and the girl who taught you “Love Hurts”

How could she let you go,

Maybe you’ll meet her again.

Another time, another day for another chapter.


Tiny Feet.

Don’t rush me,

I can’t run with my tiny feet,

This lane is not mine,

But I’m in search of fools gold that shines.

They said I can make it mine

and it’s worth my whole life.

Now I’m paying its price

It’s an option not a choice.

Don’t rush me,

Don’t tell me I’m not fast enough

This is not a race

and I don’t want to come first.

Let me breathe

Listen to what I speak.

I don’t write words to rhyme,

I write them for you to understand.


Temporary Emotion.

Now I understand where it all went wrong, where I actually fucked it up.

When I was with you, I was totally blinded by the temporary emotions I got

And could bearly understand the actual situation,

I thought I was going in the right lane and you’re always my destiny but not for you,

To you, I was just a temporary person, a passing cloud.

But fuck me for thinking you are my everything,

Fuck me for giving you all of my best just to satisfy you and see you smile.

I broke every of my rule to see that smile on your face,

The smile that got me down on my knees in the first place.

And I’m still on my knees but for a totally different reason.

Now I feel like someone just snatched away the best thing I could ever have from me.

And some kind of a halo in my heart,

But this is all temporary too, right?


Pain is temporary but the cause of the pain is permanent.

And if the cause is something you loved too much, that’s one hell of a thing.



I always have this constant fight for peace and happiness,

But that’s something I could never win for myself.

So I try to find peace and happiness in silence.

I go to the beach every time I feel sad or when I’m in pain,

Cuz unlike human beach never gives me advice about the things I do,

And most importantly, she listens.

She listens to everything I say even though most of it just doesn’t make sense.

And she talks back,

She talks about that couple who used to spend hours in the beach and looked like nothing can break what they have. But parted for a small reason.

She talks about kids building castles made of sand and how they cry when the castle falls apart.

She talks about those people who laugh jumping in the water and live carefree.

She told me about the families that visit her every week and spend time with her.

She talks about those shy skinny lovers.

She talks about that heartbroken fragile teenager who just sits in silence.